Ireland’s Coalition 2030 calls for urgent action on Sustainable Development Goals

Apr 26, 2018

Ireland’s Coalition 2030, an alliance of 100 civil society groups including Forum member Comhlámh, recently secured a major win with the unveiling of a new National Implementation Plan for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Launched in late April 2018, the National Implementation Plan outlines Ireland’s whole of government strategy to achieve the 17 SDGs. Recalling the international leadership shown by the Irish Government in bringing Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development into being, Coalition 2030 is now calling for the National Implementation Plan’s urgent implementation.

At the heart of Agenda 2030 is a commitment to “leaving no-one behind”, a principle strongly championed by Ireland during the UN negotiations that led to the adoption of Agenda 2030, and which Coalition 2030 hopes can be extended through the National Implementation Plan. At the same time, the group cautions that hope alone, like awareness raising, is not nearly enough. What is needed is concerted, meaningful action and the widespread public embrace of the SDGs and Ireland’s role in their realisation.

Coalition 2030’s Michael Ewing, noting the Plan’s lack of a “clear sense of doing anything significantly different both in terms of the ways of working, as well as resourcing, to deliver the SDGs”, said that “we need to move away from a compliance-based approach, focussing on business as usual, to a visionary approach that embraces a new and inclusive development pathway for Ireland”.

Coalition 2030 is now lobbying for the immediate establishment of a Stakeholder Forum to support meaningful public engagement in this process. Public participation is hugely important in terms of ownership, understanding and action on the SDGs.


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