IVCO 2019 Website is Now Live!

Jul 21, 2019

We are pleased to announce the IVCO 2019 website is now live.

On the website you can find the following information:

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What’s on?

Over three days, there will be a combination of keynotes, plenary and breakout sessions to explore concepts related to ‘Advancing Quality in Volunteering for Development’.

Day 1:  Advancing Quality through Standards 
Sessions will provide global perspectives on advancing quality through standards and see the launch of the new Global Standard for Volunteering for Development. Delegates will also have an opportunity to explore how standards can best help us to deliver value for local communities.

Day 2: Volunteering Models – Innovation and Good Practice 
Delegates will take an in-depth look at good practice across different modalities of volunteering. Delegates will also have the opportunity to explore projects working towards the sustainable development goals through participating in quick-fire interactive sessions.

Day 3: Communicating the Impact of Volunteering 
We will focus on how we can improve our collective efforts to both measure and communicate the impact of volunteering. Delegates will also receive an update from UNV on the Global Technical Meeting on volunteering in 2020.

Please note that registration for the conference will open in early July 2019.

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